Are you concerned about crime in your area?

Do you want to contribute and help create a Community Spirit and Safer Neighbourhood?

Then Park / Home Watch is just for you. The idea of Park / Home Watch is simple. The more neighbours that look out for each other, communicate and work together, the safer they feel and it is less likely that crime and anti-social behaviour will occur.

Home Watch Schemes link in with their local Neighbourhood Policing team and other agencies who can come together to improve your area. Run by residents, you can engage by different methods. A regular meeting, face to face, telephone or create an E-Watch system.

There are lots of other benefits in joining so why not find out more.


Please help keep our park a safer place by reporting incidents.
If urgent, dial 999 and ask for the Police. If it is less serious or just for information ring 101 to the Police or 07931765120 to Alan Fish.

Do you have any information about :-

Xx/3/15 - Bin bags dumped next to the Ormonde Street bin.
2/4/15 - Motor bike in the park.
13/4/15 21.00hrs. - Two motor bikes driving through park.


Monday 15/6/15 around 6.30pm. - An 11 year old girl that was bitten by a black and white dog in the park

The dog was on an extending lead with it's owner, an old man with white hair.

If you have any information on this incident please contact PCSO Kelly Griffix on 01618569350 or at


We have also had someone graffiti the Alexandra Rd notice board see below


This is a rare activity in our park and we wish it stays that way.

If you see someone doing it or any vandalism contact 999 giving descriptions and which way they went.

If you find any graffiti let me know and Tameside will provide the cleaning materials to get rid of it.

We do have a black graffiti wall in the kiddies park for 'nice' graffiti.


Keep your eyes watching to keep our park a safe and better park for everyone in our communities



If you have any information contact 101.


Parkwatch meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7.00 at Georgie Porgie's, prior to the Management Meeting. We can keep you updated via email if you can't make it and let you know about any problems or any information the police want to send to you. The kettle will be on. 

If we all join together we can create a better and safer community and help to beat crime in our area.

Download the Flyer below, print some off and give them your friends and neighbours.

If you need any information about volunteering in the park in the Georgie Porgie's cafe especially on Saturdays or planting trees, flowers or clearing the new meadow contact me at any of the below or go to 

GMP have produced a series of #60SecondSecurity videos all around simple security advice. Designed to provide easy step by step tips, including advice on products and how to install and use them, helping to make you and your property that little bit safer.

If you would like to view their simple security tips, click on the link below.


Quad Bikes and Motorcycles are NOT allowed in the Park

If you see one get a description of the driver and quad or bike it probably won't have a registration plate, plus the way it may leave the park.

For your info the Post Codes to all the entrances into the park are: Alexnder Rd OL6 8LG, Belper St OL6 8PA, Miller St OL6 8PF, Ladbroke Rd OL6 8JS, Padgett St OL6 8JL, Clarence Rd OL6 8JE 

If it is trashing up the park and a hazard to users, ring 999

If it is being reasonable ring 101

To view The Misuse of Motorcycles Rules, see below.