Birds and Trees

The FoKGVPF BBS (Friends of King George the fifth Playing Fields Birds and Bee Sanctuary) is coming on nicely now.


The first stage was the planting of the orchard.  Rob had been looking for an area for a university to plant some cuttings of some dying out apple trees to save them from extinction. After technical talks, the orchard is based behind Georgie Porgie's. There may be fruit after a year which could be sold in Georgie Porgies.

All the trees are now established and many are coming into fruit.  Rob Muir is expert and Pat and Trevor are leading the Flower and Tree part of the BBS. Rob is working with Pat and Trevor with regard to training and  the type and number of trees. They, in turn, are  working with volunteers and community payback to carry out the work.

Wild Flowers.      

Much of the ground around the Ladbroke Road area has now been prepared and cleared in readiness for autumn planting. Dave Reed is the expert and Pat and Trevor are leading the volunteers and community payback to rake over the footpath spoil and also weed killing patches of the embankments at the rear of the ICC and Ladbroke Rd.

Dave is interested in planting fruit and herbs for people to pick free, similar to the It is a great project and he is going to look into it. 


Bird and bat boxes made by 2/1 Hurst Cubs have now been erected around the top right area of the park. Steve Longley is the expert who will check the sizes of holes for the different birds and bat boxes plus the cleaning out at the end of the season.