At Peace in the Park


A Place for Remembrance, Recollection and Reminiscence


Aged 14

A friend and companion to

August 2014

Roy Wheelton (Ron)
01.03.1925 - 12.07.2013

a loving father to Carol


Carol-Anne Wheelton
24.01.1954 - 04.03.2013

a loving partner to John for 21 years

Gone but will never be forgotton
We will love you for ever

Collette Christine Bennett
29.11.1956 - 12.04.2008

She touched the hearts of
everyone she met with her kindness

Always in our thoughts

Aged 15

A missed friend and companion to

September 2014


Tenderly we treasure the past,
with memories that will always last.



If you would like to create a 'Space in the Park' in memory of a loved one or friend, contact any member of the FoKGVPF